The Traditional Surfing Co

The Traditional Surfing Co is a growing family run business based in West Cornwall. We hand make, hand sew and hand screenprint all our own boards, boardbags and accessories.

Building upon a family tradition of making bellyboards that dates back to the 1950's, we established The Traditional Surfing Co itself in 2011.

At the time there was only one other person in the UK making bellyboards from a shape that was unchanged for at least 50 years.

We believed it was possible to bring bellyboards into the modern age with better performance and more refined shapes, also because we were able to make the bellyboards ourselves we were able to utilise vastly superior marine specific  plywood that was lighter and had better flex and is waterproof, yet still keep the price affordable and accessible.

Our aim from the outset was to deliver unbeatable quality, performance and value, and we stick to that. As a result the Traditional Surfing Co has grown rapidly to become the leading manufacturer of bellyboards in the UK and we are confident to say that no-one equals our product.

Now the Traditional Surfing Co is moving into a new era. Using the same philosophy that inspired our bellyboards we are developing more surfing and beach inspired products, and we are beginning to collaborate with other local artists and artisan makers who excite us in order to help share their work and spread the word that if you are looking for quality, performance and affordability then look no further than Cornish Made!


Want to Stock our Products, or Talk to Us about Stocking Yours? Email us, we love to chat about new possibilities.